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To put all reactions, liveblogging, and such under read more for at least the entire day the update happens? I ask this for multiple reasons:

1. I’ll be really upset if I find out stuff before I get to read and react on my own before having the big Tumblr reaction party with you guys.


This sounds like and amazing, and fair way, to do things so everyone can enjoy it.  I will definitely do this and hope others will too.

Dalton Meta: What’s in a Name?


A discussion of the names of original characters in Dalton, and their significance:

Logan, meaning: ‘Hollow.’

A side effect of the medication Logan takes is ‘hollowness;’ he mentions that it makes him numb. Interestingly, several other people in Dalton laugh “hollowly,” including Blaine, Kurt and Julian (all characters who have been a little in love with Logan at some point), but not Logan himself. Reed also laughs hollowly when he confesses to Shane that he’s never been kissed.

Reed, meaning: ‘Reed; red-haired.’

Reed is strawberry-blonde. Reeds (the plant) ‘sing’ when the wind blows. Reeds are also used as part of the mouthpieces in certain instruments.

Derek, meaning: ‘Ruler of the people.’

Derek is essentially the shadow king of Stuart, the one who keeps it all together when Logan goes off the rails. He ‘reigns’ over Julian and Logan (‘take your meds,’ ‘yes, mother’). I think CP also said somewhere that Derek has aspirations for world domination.

Dwight, meaning: ‘White; fair.’

Dwight is the ‘White Knight.’

Justin, meaning: ‘Righteous; just; fair.’

Justin is the Hanover prefect; i.e. the King of Switzerland/the neutral zone.


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I love etymology, particularly for names and their meanings.  Also, Dalton, so this is wonderful.

take any song & make it about heartbreak: First Words Spoken by Dalton Characters ›


Kurt Hummel: “…and so I told Mrs. Ramsey that I really didn’t care if I have to stay in a dorm.”

Blaine Anderson: “Well, we’d be more than happy to have you at our dorm, of course.”

David Sullivan: “There are still a few rooms free at Windsor, you know.”

Wes Hughes: “I refuse to study any more French.”

Evan/Ethan Brightman: “Hello, Alice.”

Ethan/Evan Brightman: “Welcome to Wonderland.”

Dwight Houston: “Blaine, I need to talk to you!”

Reed Van Kamp: “Hi, Kurt!”

Logan Wright: “…I realize…it was only just a dream…”

Derek Seigerson: “First time I’ve heard you sing with anyone in a long time.”

Han Westwood: WHO ARE YOU. (via LED screen)


Justin Bancroft: “What—? You guys all right? Do I still need the police?”

Charlie Amos: ”Whoa, whoa! What’s Logan doing coming from—why is Justin—”

Shane Anderson: “Blaine—Blaine!”


Katherine Rivers: “Happy New Year, David. I miss you.”

Julian Larson: “I’m back, you sorry bastards!”

Adam Clavell: “Come on!”

Two Is Better Than (N)one


Summary“…it’s not going to last forever. This happiness. The question is… how long do we have left?” Evan’s greatest love and his greatest fear.

Notes: For the interested Anon. Contains a very brief reference to Evan/Logan (one-sided).


“Think we’ll ever find love?”

To some, it would seem like a strange place to start a conversation, but even before they learned to sign, memorising flicks and gestures for Audrey and inventing new ones of their own, the twins had never needed words. They were always speaking – it was just a question of whether they wanted to do it aloud.

“Are you worried?” Evan asked. Should I be worried? He turned from the ceiling to look at Ethan and wasn’t surprised to find that Ethan had done the same. Their eyes locked, and their hands met in the middle without either of them glancing down.

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Rue, you are an amazing writer.

The Dalton It Get’s Better Series


This series is now complete. It is made up of four drabbles, each one featuring a different house at Dalton and it’s inhabitants stories of their lives getting better, plus one describing the moments before each video.

Intro: It Get’s Better~Intro

Windsor: Windsor~It Get’s Better

Stuart: Stuart~It Get’s Better

Hanover: Hanover~It Get’s Better

Here is the whole series.  It is so amazing and inspiring and perfect.