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Glee continuity. I thought it was well known that such a phrase does not exist?

Unfortunately very true. I swear attentive fans are Ryan Murphy’s kryptonite.

I’m going with Tyrant!Seb and lack of gavels.

This is also very true. Before the current episode I wondered if he even had a shred of decency.  The lack of gavels is very sad though, and lack of Wes. He would have put Seb in place.

Why I’ve been gone-ish for those who care…

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shutterfireflies asked: 1 to 25 :D

1. Ravenclaw

2. Own

3. Lonliness/Abandonment

4. Draco/Ginny

5. Hermionie. I have the hair. lol

6. Every US hard cover book, the UK Adult hard cover books, but otherwise a christmas ornament of Harry catching the snitch.

7. The Warblers. 

8. Shirt: Hates Self, Failure, or Broken

9. Rachel

10. Santana/Rachel (even if its really odd to me)

11. Rachel or Tina

12. Warblers CD

13. AVMP, but its close

14. straight, but not ridged about it depending on the person.

15. Granger Danger/Voldermort is Going Down/Coolest Girl

16. Yeah, of course.

17. Nope. Still only so so.

18. Pigfarts because its on Mars.

19. Of the like 5?


20. Just hang out with. Like go get coffee or talk or something. And give a hug.

21. Be cool and talk to me about something?

22. Be hateful or hurtful towards anyone, but particularly by being homophobic.

23. There is none apparently o.O

24. “As the blood runs red down the needle and thread, someday you will be love.” Someday You Will Be Loved by Death Cab For Cutie

25. “Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice, from what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those that favor fire. But if I were to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate, to say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice.” Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

misserg said: O.O So not good….want a hug?


Yes. Yes, I do.

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*Tackle hug*

Tyi and Bethykins - Tweedles of Tumblr. Except…we don’t pull pranks - we’re just insane.


Yes we are.

You are my Ethan and we are both insane!


So this is my 500th post! (Actually 501, but lets pretend since I forgot about my queue earlier.)  This sort of surprised me when I saw it earlier today and I wanted todo something for all of you.

First off to my new followers (hland7, iny0ur0wnw0rld, kamywho, agony-auntimagine-dreamersbitterpurplemadhattress330disneyallygalbatshitfiascowhatdoyoudoheredudadudaduda, if I missed you I’m sorry!):

Hello! I’m Beth. Welcome.  Feel free to look around and ask me if you have questions.

To all of my followers:

You are wonderful, amazing, and thank you. I first wandered over here in April looking for more stories about Dalton. Personally, the past few months have been hard for me to deal with. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which isn’t terminal or anything, but means I will most likely be in pain for the rest of my life.  It was an upsetting, stressful, and painful time for me.  The people here have been amazing and helped me when I was’t able to go to my friends.  You all have helped me deal with everything by either listening, distracting, or just giving a few words of support.  I can’t express my love and gratitude for you all.

I want to especially thanks Lena, Miriam, Rose, Rueppell, Marte, shutterfireflies, Nia, and TheBohemianCloset.  You all have been wonderful and have done so much to help me, I can’t begin to explain.  Love you. <3

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So now instead of “Elizabeth” or “Beth” I’m “Bethykins” apparently. 


thanks shutterflreflies


Playful whispers. Total carnage.: Fourth Rule of Being a Knight: Use People's Assumptions to Your Advantage. ›


“You can’t do this. It will kill them!” shouted Charlie, who stood frozen, helplessly watching as Ethan and Evan held onto each other desperately as two doctors tried to pull them apart.

“You can’t separate them!” screamed Blaine, his voice cracking and fingers buried in his wild curls.


So this whole series is really great.  I love it, the insight, and the perspective.  This one (the fourth) has been my favourite so far.  Can’t wait for more…

(All of them can be found here)