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Yoghurt and shakes are your best friend now. Also Apple compote. :) I hope it goes over soon *hugs* Are you going to bake the cake tomorrow? Thank you! I bakes them with a friend, she has a lot of decorating stuff for cupcakes!

I plan to do it tomorrow. Something relaxing to do on my day off. :) I’ll have to pick up some apple sauce at the store, though I just got a blender and can make delicious things to drink (like chocolate peanut butter milkshakes) which are easy to swallow. Lots of possibilities if I go shopping. Smoothie potential. Now you’ve given me ideas.

I hope so too. If it doesn’t I’ll have to go back to the doctor I guess, but I’d have to get referred to the specialist again and it would be complicated. And it will make my dentist appointment next week suck quite a bit if I cant open my mouth :(


It’s not over :S That is bad. Just eat the cake-dough than ;) Or the creme XD I made Cookie Monster cupcakes yesterday! I will post a picture in a few minutes!

Yeah, it’s been worse today. I gave up on dinner and had yogurt and a protein shake because I didn’t have to chew it. Luckily I just did approvals today at work so I didnt have to talk much.

And I LOVE your cupcakes ^_^


Four of the cupcakes I made last night. 

Cookie Monster chocolate chip cupcakes.

And two chocolate chip cupcakes decorated with flowers 


The Cookie Monster ones are adorable, and the flowers are beautiful!


That sounds delicious! It’s going to be the white version of the other cake! :D

That’s sort of the plan! My friend couldnt eat it last time because of the chocolate, so version 2, also it was just too rich, so I think I will skip the mousse. It just sounds delicious, I hope I can eat it, my jaw has been really bad today :( 

StarKids Apocalyptour Show - At the Neptune in Seattle, Wa May 29, 2012 Part 2

Part 1

StarKids Apocalyptour Show - At the Neptune in Seattle, Wa May 29, 2012 Part 1

Part 2

Awkward pictures of me with StarKids from the Seattle Apocalyptour Show May 29, 2012.

Dylan Saunders, Jim Povolo, and Brian Rosenthal who were all really incredibly nice.  As were Jamie, Meredith, Lauren, and the rest when I had the chance to meet them before the show.

@Mir, Lena, and Rose: I love you!!!!

Actually popped on properly since I really cant just sleep. Hurty and stuff. :(


*hugs* Hi! It’s not bad being not on Tumblr because you have a social life and have to work. I’m glad I can reach you on What’s App, great invention :) So Starkids is just a few days away, already getting excited? Love you!

I am! I had a total moment a few hours ago where I realized its in less than a week. And I get to meet them. And if things are very very incredibly awesome amazing and perfectly lined up I might meet Darren Criss if he comes. Apparently he is going to tonights show. No matter what it will be amazing.

Though Whatsapp has been weird. I never got your message yesterday about your thesis and if says you havent received mine? Regardless of that though CONGRATULATIONS SWEETIE!!!!! Really, I am so happy for you that you got it done. Love you too! <3