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I realize it’s literally been months since I’ve been on here. Actually been months since I’ve really been online at all. That’s because life has gotten much more hectic for me. I have a job I love that takes up a lot of my time. I’m now with a great guy who alsowants some of my time. That was all going on too before I disappeared. The past few months I moved without having Internet which also had an affect. I’m also having less insomnia, or more sleeping pills, which is usually when I’d end up online. Another problem I’ve been having is lots more pain and issues with my fibromyalgia medications, wick screws my desire to do much. The only reason I’m on today is I called out from work since I have a migraine that war so bad this morning standing was difficult let alone driving. I’ve been having lots of fibro flair ups and stressing out about my mom who has been in the hospital this week and was just moved into a nursing home hasn’t helped. I just needed to rant and wanted to say sorry abs I truly, truly miss the people here.

Random fact, as of July 26th or will have been 2 years since I stopped cutting myself, because of a promise to a friend here. <3

I miss not being so busy and talking to people here. <3

So this is late, but MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

This is my gingerbread “house” this year. Goes well with last years. (10th Doctor/Tardis)

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The only sounds in the room came from the machines that were hooked up to a pale, unmoving arm of a body lying in a hospital bed, and the soft breathing of a boy sleeping on a chair. His sleep was restless and uneasy; he was muttering words in his sleep from time to time and thrashing from one side to the other as much as possible in the tight space of the hospital chair. Dark circles were prominent under his eyes and one side of his face was covered in scratches. His hands were in an even worse state; half-burned and a long cut on his right palm. His hair was singed off in a few spots and the former blond was now streaked with black ash and dirt. 

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I have been waiting for this story. It’s wonderful and great and definitely worth reading.

(I had the privilege of betaing it, really you should look into it, Lena is wonderful!)


With Picard and Eleven. HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THIS!!!


So I was in Wilbur, WA (AKA The Middle of Nowhere) over the holiday weekend last week and the first 5 photos are ones I took on this trip; the other 4 photos are from the previous visit for my grandmother’s memorial service. The dam is Grand Coule Dam.


So I’ve been working my job in the call center, and then in June picked up temp work in an environmental lab, which is what I want to do. I’ve been doing both for the past 3 months, pretty much to the day, which amounts to 50+ hours a week, plus 15 or so hours of commute time. Its been horribly draining and why I havent been on much since then. Also havent had a chance to do much of anything. I’ve been exhausted all the time, barely able to sleep, and then so tired I fall asleep almost anytime I stay still long enough.

Today I found out that they are going to keep me on at the lab. I’ll still be a temp for awhile but they are going to buy out the contract after they split the lab in the next few months. I’ve been really excited all day, except when I fell asleep for exhaustion earlier. This means that I can quit the other job at the call center and have more time again, and maybe more of a life!


Hermione-esque :D You should try Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion. ;) I always dry it curled up in a bun so that the lower pieces of my hair have a bit of curls. What we all do for our hair XD.

If only I could find it lol. I just gave up fighting that battle, instead if I want it to look nice I put some curl cream in it to minimize frizz and just let it do what it wants. Sometimes I’ll flatiron it though, but it wont usually last that long.


My hair does the opposite of pouf, it become’s flat and loses the model of the hair. And it becomes ‘static’ (??) very fast and it’s so irritating. People always want different hair don’t they. I have long straight hair and want long curling hair. XD

Exactly! I used to want straight hair so bad, but gave up on it after chemically straightening my hair didnt work. I have that thick, frizzy, wavy/curly hair naturaly (I always think of it as Hermionie-esque), more so when its longer. Since its short it barely makes a pony tail so I can dry it tied down to prevent that.


They didn’t recognize you, that should have been a funny situation. I always hope for that when people haven’t seen me for a few years, that means that have changed :D Shall we switch a little, I a bit of you tick hair you a bit of my thin hair?

Yeah, my former supervisor was glaring at me when I first got to the bar, then after she recognized me she apologized and explained the hair threw her, as did a few other people. When I had quit it was below mid back i think.

I’d be fine with that lol. Mine tends to pouf a sometimes, particularly when short. It was one of the reasons I kept it long. It had to be thined out a fair amount to keep it from doing it right now, thought it still does a bit.