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 #ships what you order before you even knew you wanted to order it

Doesn’t always ship what you want, but always ships what you need.

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I was bored and made this. Its a TARDIS based ring with a tension set 1CT Princess Cut center stone. The three round stones is the Police Box sign, the two sets of four baguettes symbolize the windows, and a small princess cut below that to symbolize the instructions found on the front of the Police Box. 

Rotating TARDIS Ring

I really want this ring. Its my favourite setting (aside from a simple solitaire) and is gorgeous.

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Gingerbread Doctor 10 and Tardis!

I made this at a Christmas party last night.  Its just too adorable (and geeky). My friend help make his hair the floopy way it is.

The joke is he’s bigger than it, because its bigger on the inside. (Courtesy of my friend again.)


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Here are my Tardis shoes. I took pictures of the whole process. It was surprisingly easy to paint them. 

These are AWESOME Lena!