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Dalton wish list: The Warblers sing Fuckin’ Perfect to Julian.



Because he’s going to be thinking it’s all his fault. He’s probably going to get attacked  and told it’s his fault. He’s going to feel like he doesn’t deserve to be happy or anything. He needs to be told that’s not true, and that’s he’s wonderful and amazing.

And Logan would be singing lead vocal for this song.


That would be amazing, or even just Logan singing this to Julian sans Warblers would be wonderful.

100 Days of the Stuart Trio: 2


This takes place after Hell Night. 

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I agree with Mir, you killed me. But thats fine, feel free to keep doing it. I’m just gonna sit here and compose myself for a moment. I love the Trio.

With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust...: In which Lauryl is cheesy (duh) and a little bit late on the uptake ›


polkamusicismydrug replied to your post: I MISSED SOMETHING D:
WE MISS YOU THAT IS WHY also some anon came into Chylan’s ask and said Julian wasn’t Logan’s type and people admitted they were losing faith in the gondola and just…creyes

Okay everyone seems to be okay now but that…

I just missed this riot too, but damn if Lauryl isn’t inspirational. Bravo my capitan!!!  I will always follow you on this gondola, canon be damn (but still nice).

The Hell Night Confession: Logan’s Point of View

sorry let me rephrase it. Reblog if you love Jogan more than Klaine

Not a contest, but I do really like Klaine.

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Rambles of the Uncreative: Something I've noticed or something I base off of what I see. ›


  • The Tank is strong willed, stubborn and refuses to believe that the people in their pairing are straight.
  • The Ranebows are hopeful yet content for the moment.
  • People on the Train are just chill because their pairing is endgame in every aspect and sense of the word. 
  • The EctoMobile are fine but a wee bit tweaked because their ship isn’t even supposed to exist. 
  • The Gondola has lost all sanity and are depressed because of the fact that Logan hasn’t had an inkling of a crush on Julian, but they all have a small bit of hope in the back of their mind that it just may happen.

All of this. But particularly the last one. To the Jogan fandom, because I think we all could use it:



[…I don’t quite remember if Rachel had ever met him in canon. Oh well.]

“Rachel, hand me that vase over there?” Kurt said, gesturing to where the blue glass sat on the table by the door. 

“Sure. I don’t quite understand why we’ve got to do all of this for your friend to walk through the door.” Rachel said, brow furrowing a little as she picked up the vase carefully and deposited it into the pillowcase Kurt was holding open. 

“Oh, you’ll see. It’s not just him…everyone in my school has habits of breaking things…purposely or accidentally.” Kurt muttered as he put the pillow case on the couch before heading back to where Rachel was standing. 

“I think that’s everything-“

The front door swung open with a crash, making Rachel jump. Kurt dismissed it as casually as if it were the dryer buzzer. 

“I’m here!”

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I want to follow all of you, seriously.

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Jogan is in the Gondola. All arguments are invalid.


Adorable Jogan!

Logan Knew | A Close Reading of Julian’s Confession in “Hell Night”


Looking at the most emotionally-jarring scene in Dalton.

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Your analyses in general are great, but this one its especially extrodinary.