Anonymous asked: Hi I just got a Nook Color and the ePub is supposed to be the proper format for it, but it's not working, and I tried the other ones and they don't work either. Am I doing something wrong?

So the epub is the only format that will work on the Nook (any of them) so you were right there.

As for why it’s not working I don’t know. The file itself works on my nook color. It’s installed in My Files/Books.

I know before someone else was having problems downloading the epub file. And epub is just a collection of html files like a zip archive and some applications try to unzip them.

At this point my suggestion would be checking the file extention to see if that may be the problem. If you want to email me at I can send you the epub file directly if you’d like.

Also a general suggestion for ebooks is you find a good application like Calibre (amazing, cross platform, and free) to organize your digital library. It is also useful for converting ebook formats and easily loading books to your device.

Hope this helps if not please send me another ask, or even send me one to let me know you got it figured out.

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