I miss not being so busy and talking to people here. <3


ms groetke knows what’s up, as always

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quietly adds fucktupled to my personal lexicon

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At the airport waiting to fly off to Tokyo! Been waiting for this trip for over a year and am so excited it finally happening. It’ll be a great end to what turned into a great year, and hopefully a good start to the next one…..now if only the plane was here so it was on time so I don’t miss my connection…

So this is late, but MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

This is my gingerbread “house” this year. Goes well with last years. (10th Doctor/Tardis)


O Captain, my Captain.

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HQ (1920*1080 px(59pics) Click Here [ Aaron Cross ]

《The Bourne Legacy》Behind the Scenes ② - 00B


and on the third day, God said - let there be renner

This goddamn movie.  I swear to God.

This movie should be subtitled: Two hours of looking at Jeremy Renner, even if it’s bad it’s still decent to good (and it’s good!)


So. Because I’m insane, I turned the fanfic The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation by scifigrl47 into a hardcover book. And got class credit for it. 100%, I may add. AND my professor wants it in the school gallery show. Heck yeah, man. It literally took weeks of work, but I am pleased.

Click here to see more details that didn’t fit on the photoset. Please.

If you have not read this fic, go do so. Seriously. I TURNED IT INTO A FREAKING ACTUAL BOOK. I would not have done that with something that isn’t quality, man.

Wow even just technically this is impressive! (beautiful bookcraft!)

Forgotten - A Jogan story ›



The only sounds in the room came from the machines that were hooked up to a pale, unmoving arm of a body lying in a hospital bed, and the soft breathing of a boy sleeping on a chair. His sleep was restless and uneasy; he was muttering words in his sleep from time to time and thrashing from one side to the other as much as possible in the tight space of the hospital chair. Dark circles were prominent under his eyes and one side of his face was covered in scratches. His hands were in an even worse state; half-burned and a long cut on his right palm. His hair was singed off in a few spots and the former blond was now streaked with black ash and dirt. 

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I have been waiting for this story. It’s wonderful and great and definitely worth reading.

(I had the privilege of betaing it, really you should look into it, Lena is wonderful!)

I always loved how the English monarchy would add titles they just didnt have. Henry the VIII was not the king of France, arguments could be made for Calais, but just because he said it it wasn’t true.