Vanishing, A Julian Larson Mix

"I gave up a long time ago."

1. I Fell In Love Once - Chase Coy

2. I Dreamed A Dream - Michael Henry and Justin Robinett

3. Someone Like You - Jake Barker

4. Chasing Pavements - Two Seconds Away

5. Miss Me - Andy Grammer

6. Beautiful - India Arie

7. Say Something - Tyler Ward

8. Never Had The Courage - Chase Coy

ok but why is the gondola cruel to me


it’s been years

and broken strings still fucking hurts



Keep Calm at Stuart House

Dalton/Jogan. Yup. (Miss it)


Various sketches - Alphonse Mucha

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I realize it’s literally been months since I’ve been on here. Actually been months since I’ve really been online at all. That’s because life has gotten much more hectic for me. I have a job I love that takes up a lot of my time. I’m now with a great guy who alsowants some of my time. That was all going on too before I disappeared. The past few months I moved without having Internet which also had an affect. I’m also having less insomnia, or more sleeping pills, which is usually when I’d end up online. Another problem I’ve been having is lots more pain and issues with my fibromyalgia medications, wick screws my desire to do much. The only reason I’m on today is I called out from work since I have a migraine that war so bad this morning standing was difficult let alone driving. I’ve been having lots of fibro flair ups and stressing out about my mom who has been in the hospital this week and was just moved into a nursing home hasn’t helped. I just needed to rant and wanted to say sorry abs I truly, truly miss the people here.

Random fact, as of July 26th or will have been 2 years since I stopped cutting myself, because of a promise to a friend here. <3



Firefly, smashing tropes. 

#this is right up there with that one time #when mal left the ship and he was like listen…if i’m not back by a certain time… #and you expect him to say go on without me #but he’s like you get the fuck down here and save my ass do you understand

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Shakespeare in the Park

All words in this comic are courtesy of the great William Shakespeare.

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So pretty.

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“The Art Toast Project Presents:” by Ida Skivenes // Instagram: @Idafrosk

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